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This platform is passionate about sharing wellbeing, lifestyle and inspiration with a holistic focus. It is about merging a natural approach to well-being with a dash of style thereby resulting in a whole living lifestyle. This is a culmination of years of research, personal experience and a continuing journey into well-being. It is my hope that you find something that you like, enjoy and is perhaps useful to you.

Curated by a mama and yogini with a background in science, I decided to pursue the healing arts, helping people find balance, a sense of wellness and healing in their own lives.






Hello I’m Eme, I have a background in science, and I am currently studying to become a certified yoga teacher. I love travel, healthy nutritious food, yoga and I am passionate about natural health and whole living. Dissatisfied with a career in the science field, I left to pursue my passions of natural health and wellbeing . Soon I was on a journey of writing, advising and healing for myself as well as others using knowledge garnered from years of personal experience with holistic living and yoga. Now a mama of a specially abled child, I choose to help others especially women to restore balance and wellness into their lives so as to be better equipped to heal themselves as well as their loved ones. This is all done with a calm, loving yet firm approach.